Appliance Repair Stevenson Ranch, CA

Need appliance repair? Santa Clarita Appliance Repair ASAP serves Stevenson Ranch. Our main office is in Santa Clarita and we often provide same-day repair for homes and businesses in Stevenson Ranch and Val Verde, CA. Our business loves Stevenson Ranch. Our repairmen grew up here and want the best for everyone here and the local communities.

You can trust that all of our appliance repairmen can repair nearly all common household appliances. A knowledgeable, licensed and experienced repairman will arrive at your home. That’s our promise to our customers! We service old refrigerators, broken dryers, washers, refrigerator and chest freezers, broken wine coolers, broken ovens and stoves, ranges, broken dishwashers and that’s not all! We continuously educate everyone in the company on the newest models and latest appliance technology to guarantee we best help our customers.

Have a wonky appliance in your home? We are able to assist you! Our company’s service vans are stocked with replacement manufacturer parts to fix all major brands of appliances – that includes Maytag, Whirlpool, Bosch, Sears, GE, KitchenAid, Sub-Zero and more. A broken home appliance doesn’t have to be a problem for long!


SERVICES IN Stevenson Ranch

Live near Stevenson Ranch? We offer the below services for home appliances in Stevenson Ranch:

Stevenson Ranch appliance repair


Santa Clarita Appliance Repair ASAP can repair most common brands of refrigerators – that includes restaurant models, stand-alone and side-by-side.Our licensed repairman complete training to troubleshoot and repair problems with cooling, malfunctioning ice makers, condensation, puddles of water and leaks, bulbs, touch panels, smart technology and countless other problems. We everything about refrigerator repair! We really do!


We understand repair for all kinds of problems on worn-down washers and clothes dryers. Issues include issues with agitation, excessive vibration, screeching noises coming out of the appliance, draining, door snap and variety of other common malfunctions. Homeowners can expect our washer and dryer repairman will be there with the needed new parts to finish the repair during the very first visit and restore your household appliance to it’s working condition with our professional service.


Santa Clarita Appliance Repair ASAP is trusted in repairing ovens, stoves and ranges – includes commercial units for dining establishments and hotels and municipal buildings. We have the tools and training to repair oven burners, door latches, control boards, coils and ventilation on electric and gas stoves and ovens. Our stove repair service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranty on parts and labor.


We are the local company to call for professional dishwasher repair service. Our appliance repairmen fix more dishwashers each week than any other type of appliance. That’s right! Technicians can repair most types of problems known to cause odors, hazy plates, loud noises, vibration, drain-related problems, burning smells, leaks and even more.