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You can’t cook with a broken stove or oven. You will need to schedule stove repair right away or there won’t be time to cook a delicious dinner. We don’t want everyone in your home to go hungry! That is why we are so delighted to offer same-day appointments for stove and oven repair for families in Santa Clarita, CA.

Santa Clarita Appliance Repair ASAP will troubleshoot and fix all common oven, range and stove problems on all major brands and models of appliance. Our technicians have the experience, training and tools to complete the service in the first scheduled visit. Plus, we load up our service vans with manufacturer replacement parts for top brands and offer a warranty on parts and labor. It is our hope to repair your broken oven well before dinner!



When an electric stove doesn’t start, be sure the stove power cord is plugged in and all circuit breakers are on. You will want to check the pilot light on gas appliances. If the appliance is plugged in or if the pilot light is burning, that means a different part of the appliance will have to be replaced. The cause of the problem might be the surface element, infinite switch, burner igniter or bake and broil element.


A burner or stove or oven that does not produce heat will not do much good. An oven won’t heat when there is a broken oven sensor or a malfunctioning bake element. Your burner will not fire up if an element is broken or when the burner switch or terminal block don’t work. We are able to fix these problems in no more than 1-2 hours after we arrive.


It is safe to assume the control panel on a stove or oven is broken when the program or timer settings aren’t working. In this case, we can replace control boards for Sears, GE, LG, KitchenAid, Kenmore and most other brands of ovens, ranges and stoves. We provide a warranty on control panels and replacement parts we install for this stove repair service.


You should have a hot oven. But not too hot! When the heat is out of control, it might be because of a broken thermostat or sensor. Our repairmen are able to diagnose the location of the problem and repair it. Always be careful when troubleshooting this issue for fear of burns from the high and unpredictable heat.


A common stove issue is when an igniter glows but it will not light. The reason this occurs is from a broken safety valve, electronic control, surface igniter or temperature sensor. We will determine whether we are able to repair these parts or if we will need to replace the parts.


Newer self-cleaning models of ovens can experience door problems often. The door will not open after the oven is done cleaning itself. We monitor the door closure, seal and thermostat to find out why the door does not open and then we complete the repair in order to fix the problem.